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Lessons From Genesis

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Lessons From Genesis Vol.1 & 2: Foundations for Faith. Andy Fleming presents an exposition of the book of Genesis. He clearly shows the key to understanding the Bible and God's plan for man the book of Genesis. It is the foundation for faith. Andy reveals how the teaching of Genesis is skillfully woven throughout the fabric of Scripture.

These thought-provoking and enriching lessons were first presented in Russia at the Moscow Bible School in Moscow, Russia.

The lessons are:

  1. Without Excuse (Genesis 1:1-2:3)
  2. The Consequences of Sin (Genesis 2:4-3:24)
  3. Learning to Please God (Genesis 4:1-5:32)
  4. The Covenant Principle (Genesis 6:1-9:17)
  5. The Human Potential (Genesis 9:18-17:27)
  6. Living By Faith (Genesis 18:1-22:19)
  7. God's Will and Man's Choice (Genesis 22:20-27:40)
  8. Persevering Through Struggles (Genesis 27:41-36:43)
  9. The Heart of True Greatness (Genesis 37:1-50:26)